Hello! My name is Ben Dishler and I enjoy developing websites. I am currently living in Woodbridge, Virginia and I am originally from north of Pittsburgh, PA.

This site was created for the sole purpose of presenting my works of art on the web for future clients I may work with.

I am very passionate about the work I do and who I do that work for; whether it is for a small business customer, a contract project, or the company who I work for full-time.

I am always reading about the latest website techniques. In the field of website design, continuing to develop your skills and adapt your methods is critical. Fortunately the web has evolved since the days of tables within tables and code that would span hundreds of lines and be difficult to maintain. Today that same page can be rendered with less than a hundred lines of code that is simple to maintain. What a relief! I find the work I do for my clients rewarding and my goal is that they find working with me rewarding as well.

I have a passion for websites. I enjoy designing and coding websites. I have over 10 years of experience creating, managing and developing websites.